Living or Existing EP

by Outside Looking In

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released March 29, 2014

Miles - Vocals
Bryan - Guitar
Tommy - Bass
Josh - Drums

Recorded by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden 2-10-14.



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Outside Looking In Chico, California

Hardcore for the punks.
Hardcore for the punks.
Hardcore for the punks.

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Track Name: Sick of Your Shit
Sick of your macho attitude
I've met your type before
You only get on my nerves
I can't take it anymore
I'm sick
Sick of your shit
Everything’s a competition to you
With your alpha male mentality
To you there’s no difference
Between sexism and sexuality
Your insecures get the best of you
Your weak ego has everything to prove
You lack consideration for others
Your own selfish gain is all that matters
Track Name: Can't Talk Can't Hide
A door from the past
Opens up what I can't face
In self-denial I close my eyes
And try to bury my shame
I can't talk
I can't hide
It eats me up inside
I question who am I
Fear of judgment locks me in
Guilt crushes from within
Track Name: Blah Blah Blah
I'm sick of
Hardcore bands
Track Name: Old Man
You speak before you listen
Bitter you think you know it all
Never give me a chance to explain
Your mind is so narrow and small
You put me down with
Your condescending views
No matter what I say or do
It's your way or the wrong way
And somehow I'm always making mistakes
You say I'm slow and dumb
And I don't listen
I think your own arrogance gets in the way
Of you looking back at your own reflection
I'm young and there’s so much I don't know
But I know when I grow old
I don't ever wanna be like you
You disrespect me
And you expect me to respect you
Track Name: Ripped Apart
Feeling negative feeling mean
Ashamed of who I become to be
Feeling negative feeling mean
Ashamed of who I become to be

Anger consumes me
Anger controls me

Resentment builds up inside of me
Blinded, it's all I see
Inside I feel ripped apart
Bitterness fills my heart

Ripped apart
Ripped apart
Fills my heart

Ripped apart
Ripped apart
Inside I feel
Ripped apart
Track Name: Count Me Out
If this is normal, then count me out
This way of life makes me wanna shout
I’d rather be alienated in the minority
Than lie to myself to be in the majority
Count me out
Track Name: Living or Existing
Day by day things stay the same
Idly I let my dreams decay
I've become use to this routine
But I'm not who I want to be
Am I living or existing
Bitterness builds up inside
Turns me old, jades my eyes
I watch my life slowly slip away
More than ever I need a change
I'm not living
I'm just existing
Not growing
I’m becoming stagnant
I’m confused I’m afraid
Because I don’t know how to change
Track Name: Exhausted But Nowhere
My alarms' going off and
I can't get out of bed
Exhaustion holds me in
Too many days of behind
I just wanna run and hide
Another day of stress
And feeling depressed
Another day behind
Where am I going with my life
Saturate in this routine
My direction in this world is a confusion to me
I continue to let myself down time and time again
I tear at my walls still without a solution
I'm sick of being behind
I'm sick of being stressed
I'm sick of letting myself down
I'm sick of being depressed
Track Name: Another Disheartening Night
It's another disheartening night
On the floor there was nearly a fight
From tough guys throwing their fists
And not giving a shit who they hit
I see the people throughout the hall
With cliche minds with uncritical thoughts
In each corner there's a social click
I can't help feeling that I don't fit in
I don't feel moved or inspired
I feel like I'm existing on another dead night
The music rings in my ears but doesn't move my heart
The lyrics stand tall but the actions fall short
Too much of what we've fought against
Lives at the shows
At times I can't help but feel the disillusion grow
Tonight is another night that lays stagnant
Leaving me feeling burnt out and alone
Tonight is another disheartening night
Leaving me feeling burnt out and alone
Stagnant. Burnt Out. And alone.